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The technology is based on “dry fog”, generated by means of ultrasound phenomenon and developed by US.I. srl to get an optimal aerosol from disinfecting or sanitizing solutions.

The particular and dry nebulization permits to avoid humid residuals thanks to fine drops, having a distributed mean aerodynamic diameter around 4 micron, calculated by specific experiments that measures sedimenting velocity in the air, enabling the smart transportation of the aerosol and to remain in the flux the necessary time because of that velocity.

This physical phenomenonenomeno involves an high particle concentration of micrometric size that, working on the surfaces homogeneously, diffusely, and quickly, permits a rapid use of the treated environment by persons.

The system  can be perfectly integrated in different environments, where it is necessary maintain hygienic conditions without unpleasant smell. Click on the available links below to download some of our presentations.

The nebulization produced by  DryFogS Technology© it is diffused in the environment in aerosol form, with microparticles having a strong concentration and sedimentation in the air. (Certification provided by Dipartimento di Scienze degli e del Farmaco from Parma University).

This characterization enable an homogeneous and quick distribution of the product in the environment; covering of the surfaces is significantly improved, included cracks and porosities difficult to access, optimizing the adopted active ingredients and reducing operational time.


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