US340M cutting table allows automated cutting of the awning valance using ultrasonic technology.

The machine is composed by an automatic table for the preparation of the textile, equipped with mobile and fixed grippers. On one side of the table there is the cutting head, moving on 3 axes by numerical control.

A vision system is integrated in the cutting head, so the machine can scan the awning textile after the preparation, identifying in space characteristic points:  starting point of the textile, the end point,  and points of periodicity of the fabric.

The working cycle is articulated in the following steps: drafting, scanning and removal cutting of the Valance, processing of the cutting path, return with interpolated cutting of the valance.

The path processing software, starting from the notable points identified, allows you to generate, automatically and in a short time, the path waves that will pass through the points. This method ensure synchronization between the geometry and the colors. It is also possible to process cutting paths in “solid color textile” mode. The software is characterized by a library, which can be extended and customized by the user, of predefined blocks (classic wave, Greek wave, straight cut, and so on…) which will adapt to the steps. Finally, it is possible to determine the phasing of the wave.

The machine automatically identifies also the areas in which the “double layer” of fabric is present, i.e. at the join and hem. In these areas the machine will slow down the velocity to allow the cutting of materials.

To control the operations, a simple software interface is used on the same panel. It is possible to manage states, alarms, recipes and import the cutting program to be performed.

US340M is available with a worktop up to 4m wide and 8m useful length.

- Automatic Awning Valance cutting- Automatic preparation of the textile- CNC controlled axis- Specific software for assisted processing of the curves- Panel PC 21" windows based CHARACTERISTICS- Up to 4m width- Up to 8m length- Ultrasonic cutting - De-umidifed compressed air 7 bar- Electrical installed power 4 kWTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

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