Automated cutting plotter US335 offers precision in cutting of technical and coated textiles, plastic films and high production efficiency by means of rectangular nesting.

The machine is available in ultrasonics and crash cut versions.

The cutting tool moves through 3 axis by means of numerical control approach.  Each of the axis is guided by linear bearings and helical rack in order to enable maximum precision.

The machine is characterized by a recipes database in which is possibile to store settings for each material.

The textile is blocked by means of rolls and pressers that follows the cutting head during the process.

CAD CAM system of the machine is simplified and easy to use. It is possible to save CAD drawings or cutting IS GCode related to the production order,

Start, stop and machine state is managed by means of proper HMI in the panel pc.

US335 is available up to 3.5m width ad minimum length 6m

The system is able to cut technical texiltes, black-out, screen, mosquito new, blinds and so on. It can be used in fields like roller blinds, panels, vertical blinds and foldable blinds

- Taglio automatico su 4 lati- Stesura del tessuto e taglio a misura- Piano di lavoro in acciaio- Movimentazione macchina mediante CNC - Programma di taglio con CAD CAM USI- Nesting automatico per figure rettangolari- Regolazione analogica della pressione di taglio- Pannello operatore Panel PC 21" windows CARATTERISTICHE- Taglio utile trasversale 3.5m- Taglio utile longitudinale a partire da 6m- Disponibile taglio ultrasuoni, Crush cut- Alimentazione Aria de-umidificata 7 bar- Consumo elettrico 4 kWSPECIFICHE TECNICHE

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