More than 20 years of active collaboration and consulting for companies leader in the production of ultrasonic systems, that enabled the development of several specific solutions in the industrial context.

Study, design and realization of sonotrodes, that is the basic component of the ultrasonic technology. It can be applied in several integrations of machine and plants in different fields: material joining, packaging, material mixing, materials fragmentation, and so on.

Tecnology, Functions, Benefits

  • Design and simulation by means of FEM
  • Sonotrodes realized in Titanium or Aluminum
  • Customization of the application


  • 20, 30, 35 o 40 kHz


The rotating sonotrodes are used in different applications in textile field, indoor or outdoor covers, plastic films, bio-plastics and so on.

These are realied in Titanium to enable maximum performance and durability.

Sonotrodes are available from 15mm to 30mm width.

They work in minimum noise condition and enable the necessary amplitude to weld the materials required by the application.


  • 30, 35 o 40 kHz

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