In the industrial field, Ultrasonic technology is adopted for many applications: welding of plastic components, welding and cutting of plastic films and textiles, cavitation of materials e nanomaterials, nebulization of water-based substances

Ultrasonic welding is the most known application. Electrical high frequency waves are produced by means of a generator and are converted into mechanical oscillations by means of a piezoelectric transducer, that transfers the ultrasonic power to the sonotrode: this one is in contact with the surface of the plastic piece and, by means of the oscillations, local frictional heat that melts locally the piece to be welded.

Ultrasonic cutting does not involve local deformations on the materials to be processed, so it is characterized by extreme precision and cleanliness. In this case, the cutting element could be directly the sonotrode, or this one works with a proper cutting tool. The vibration and the absence of contact between the tools eliminates the the friction between the tools and the piece to be cut.

Ultrasonic Technology is also used for the generation of uniform and dry fog from liquid substances. Ultrasonic nebulization does not involve generation of thermal heat, so it does not influence or chemically alter the liquid solution.

The company applies the ultrasonic know-how with an active collaboration and consulting for companies leader in the production of ultrasonic systems since more than 20 years, that enabled the development of several specific solutions in the industrial context.


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